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Who am I...

love story with my paintings

My name is Lúcia Ribeiro - I am of Portuguese origin, Portugal, a country where sunlight shines all the year long .
I was born on March 1, 1958 in the wonderful Algarve, in the south of Portugal.
I have lived in Switzerland for many years and founded a beauty company (beauty specialist). This is reflected in my painting, so much so that I draw my clients' faces
I present to you my art that I create with so much passion on my travels around the world. I love painting outdoors, being in contact with nature, scents, colors, lights and sounds.
Each Work is full of emotions and many good frequencies (
energies)  I paint with all my soul. Just a ray of sunlight on the waves and suddenly it's revelry. Great love story between me and my works. There is anguish, suffering, joy and much more. Painting in this state is making love with the canvas, with the brushes, with the fingers and finally there is the final orgasm, the greatest pleasure. 
I paint from the heart and with my heart.
My essence is creativity.
For as long as I have been around, I have been interested in beauty, in the beauty of nature, animals, of people, colors, light, shapes, lines. All of this to me is art.
I started painting again a few years ago (2003). 
I attended a one-day workshop at the VHS school in Spreitenbach, Switzerland. I chose to paint the sea, I wanted to feel it close to me, take it home with me, how much I missed the Sea. 
Since then I haven't stopped, I've done several studies over the years.


Here we only talk about Love, everything is done with love 

I hope you love my work and  me too.


With love 

Lucia Ribeiro

 Lucia means Light  ( Lux in Latin)

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