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Traveling around

Dreams  coming true

Monet, Renoir, Cézanne – all under one roof at Vila Langmatt.

During the visit to the museum, Suddenly I feel the urge to sit down. I asked the nice lady who worked there if this would be possible, as it is actually not allowed to sit on the Mobiliario of museums.
With laughing eyes she said: Yes, you can! At that moment I had the inspiration to paint this painting. I was in a trance while painting.

The Window of Paradise

Technica-Pastel underrand Pastelcard

Giverny, France in Monet's Garden

Following in the footsteps of Claude Monet.
I was inspired by the idyll of impressionist Claude Monet's house and the lily pond.
Painting in Monet's Garden was a great experience for me.
The beautiful colors of the flowers and the light, everythin
g was so magical.
I could have sworn I felt the presence of Claude Monet next to me.

For Claude Monet (1840-1926), one of the fathers of Impressionism, the following words were an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the heart of his art. He said “Perhaps I owe it to the flowers that I became a painter”, (Claude Monet).

Monet's Japanese Bridge.
Technica-Pastel underre Pastelcard.


The Eternal, magical, unique Island of Light
Farol Island (Algarve).
It is called the forgotten island.
I will never forget her.
She is so beautiful and pure, so bright and true, so simple and at the same time so magical.
It is a very energetic place where peace reigns and there are no cars around.
The Lighthouse is the angel of the forgotten island and the ships that need its light.

An Angel in the Lighthouse.
Technica-Pastel on Pastelcard.

Douro River Porto Portugal.
Another one of my dreams come true.
I've wanted to paint on the Douro River for a long time. 
Wonderful  Experience.

A Angel on the Douro River.
Technique-Pastel on Pastelcard

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